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All over the world, people are using our methods to win more business.

...are our methods revolutionary?

No, in fact we have taken the oldest form of marketing in the world, ‘word of mouth,’ and created a system that has been proven to increase sales for nearly 30 years.

Being personally recommended is an endorsement of your work and has a much greater chance of turning into genuine business. If you want a new accountant, you probably wouldn’t turn to the Yellow Pages, you’d be more likely to ask someone you know and trust, who they would recommend.

And that accountant will want to return the favour, in other words...'You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,' or 'What goes around, comes around'.

…well, we call this ‘Givers Gain.’

And while people love to get business by recommendation, very few have a system to help make that phone ring more often!

That’s where BNI comes in. 

We have taken this old and most effective form of marketing and developed a focused and structured way to create regular, genuine, referral opportunities. It means members of BNI have literally dozens of sales people working on their behalf.

And the result? We track all the business that is created by our members in this way and in 2013, over £19m was shared amongst them. That’s a significant impact on the members’ businesses and the families they support.

If you’d like more business by recommendation, why not come along to see a meeting in action?