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Promoting a business is not an easy job, considering there are many competitors in the industry. You need to devise a strategy to increase your brand awareness, gain more customers and increase business. Building a strong network of qualified professionals is a good example.

BNI Australia believes that word-of-mouth is a powerful tool in promoting a business. We created groups whose members help one another by exchanging quality referrals. Today, we have hundreds of chapters and thousands of members across Australia. Want to learn more about BNI? Visit a chapter today.

We are continuously expanding to serve the needs of the growing number of business owners and professionals in the country. We have successfully built clubs in multiple cities, states and territories. More chapters are yet to be established. Your location could be the home of the next BNI chapter.

We invite you to join our group of successful business professionals and marketers. Becoming a member of BNI is good for your career, company and personal development. You will meet new friends and grow your connections. You will have better chances of promoting your business or specialty and help other members in promoting theirs. The best part is you will get referrals, which will turn into business.

Span The best way to find out about BNI is to visit a chapter. Visitors may attend chapter meetings twice before they will be asked to make a decision about applying for Membership. Visitors may only promote their business in a chapter if their business specialty is not yet represented. It is recommended to contact the president of the chapter prior to the visit, or the local BNI Director.

Use the map below to locate BNI Australia chapters and planned chapters. 
1. Chapter concentrations are displayed as clusters. Use the map zoom feature and direction arrows to locate each of the chapter markers. Some chapters meet at the same location.
2. Search the map using a region, city, post code, state or abbreviation (e.g. Sydney, NSW).
3. Definitions:
a. Operational Chapter. A functioning BNI chapter. Select "Chapter Details" on individual chapter pins for more information and to visit the chapter.
b. New Chapter Start Ups. A Group going through the New Chapter Start up Phases Program. Contact the BNI regional office to arrange a visit.
c. Planned Chapter. A proposed chapter location. Contact the BNI regional office for more information.

We look forward to seeing you in our next weekly meetings.

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